Sunday, 13 November 2011

Spokane International Railway

Spokane International Railway is built using aluminum benchwork construction methods found on The Clinchfield Railroad in N Scale. The layout frame is constructed of three inch aluminum architectural channel.  There are four frame sections. Two 36" x 72" self supporting tables with folding legs and two 23"x 84" bridge sections that interlock into the channel of the two table sections. This makes the foot print of the layout 6ft x 13ft. Unlike the original Clinchfield, each table section is sheathed with 1/4" oak plywood. The 1/4" ply is the only wood that supports the foam scenery. All the track is laid on cork glued to the styrofoam sub-roadbed. This is what it looks like in its beginning stages.
Each bridge section is C-clamped to a table on either end. Different thicknesses of extruded Styrofoam are glued together to change the elevation of the scenery and mainline. Making the layout portable means making it light weight. Each section is designed to be handled by one or two people. The layout's four sections are stored and transported in a small 5' x 9' enclosed trailer.